Permanent Makeup


Areola Reconstruction - Set 1 - Before Areola Reconstruction - Set 1 - After Areola Reconstruction - Set 2 - Before Areola Reconstruction - Set 2 - After Mariannthy at work on client with Alopecia Client with Alopecia-before Eyebrows, New wetline Eyeliner upper and lower-After Physicians and surgeons frequently refer patients to Mariannthy.

Medical Corrective procedures

These procedures and appointments are some of my most rewarding. There are a few different reasons a woman would choose to have an areola tattooed: Breast reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer or accident, mastitis (inflammation of the mammary glands which can effect the colour or shape of the areola), or scaring around the areola due to breast augmentation or breast lift.

Sometimes clients want to enhance a perfect areola because they feel that their areola is too pale or they may want their current colour darkened. With Mariannthy’s artistic eye for detail she can create a beautiful and artistically shaped and shaded areola. We also offer scar camouflage due to accidents or even eye lifts and face lifts.