Permanent Makeup


Client Care, Safety & Satisfaction

In order to ensure that you have the ultimate experience, at Lasting Perfection we are committed to principles for client care, safety and satisfaction. Each client receives an in-depth consultation to analyze your features, understand your needs and determine which types of enhancements are best for you.

We take great pride in offering each and every client the highest quality service:

  1. Strict Health-Department standards: only disposable tools, pigments and equipment are used. Nothing is ever autoclaved or re-used. Please make sure your permanent makeup artist can provide proof that they have been checked by their local health department- this is crucial! Even if a place is well established, they may not be on top of this process. Also, make sure skin is not broken/scratched prior to pencil design, as this can also contaminate areas from prior client use. Hepatitis C and HIV can be transmitted, even if you cannot see bodily fluids, they are still there. Being a Medical Aesthetician has helped me to understand the importance of sanitation and safety protocols.
  2. Communication: A consultation prior to your procedure is essential. This ensures all questions are answered and understood so that together we can meet your treatment expectations!
  3. Client consent form: All risks and aftercare treatment are thoroughly explaned. There will be an agreement on colour and design before the final procedure takes place. 
  4. Pigments & Topical Anesthetics: All Hypoallergenic pigments and anesthetics are used and FDA approved performed. People with rare skin allergies have the option of colour patch testing. This can be done to detect any possible allergic reactions.
  5. Aftercare Instructions: An Aftercare package is provided and explained. The aftercare ointment aids in a quick and easy recovery of the treated area.
  6. Follow -Up: A complementary 30 day follow-up is provided and, if needed, a touch-up to your permanent makeup is done. At Lasting Perfection, our work is our best advertisement.
  7. Touch up treatments are recommened every two to five years, depending on facial or body area.