Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Quiz

Please take the following quiz. If you say YES to any one of the following questions then you are a candidate for permanent makeup.

  1. Lost a game of tennis along with your brows?
  2. Woke up before your husband to quickly draw on your eyebrows?
  3. Cried at a wedding and smeared your eyeliner?
  4. Kissed someone and accidentally noticed lipstick on their shirt?
  5. Had a bad makeup day?
  6. Refrained from social events, like swimming, because you were afraid that someone might see you without makeup?
  7. Can never pencil your eyebrows the same/perfect?
  8. Don't know how to apply makeup that will complement your natural beauty?
  9. Notice how great you feel when you wear makeup?
  10. Eyeliner is becoming more challenging to apply?
  11. Scared to hug someone because they might end up wearing your brows?
  12. Wondered how happy you would be with perfect makeup every day and night?
  13. Being outside watching the snowflakes fall and notice that your eyeliner is melting away along with them?
  14. Ever wondered if Hollywood celebrities are having permanent cosmetics done?
  15. Always feeling unsure and self-conscious when talking to co-workers, friends, or family whether your makeup is smeared?
  16. Been late for an appointment because you spent to much time in the mirror trying to match your brows?
  17. Wish that someone would consider you to be one of those natural-born beauties?
  18. Wondered how happy your husband would be if he didn't have to wait for you to apply your makeup?
  19. Noticed that a ray of sun or a summer breeze can ruin the moment as your eyeliner begins to run?
  20. Ever Noticed how a properly raised arch in an eyebrow can take years of your face?