Permanent Makeup

Luscious EyeLiners

(Before) Upper & Lower Eyeliner Combo (After) Upper & Lower Eyeliner Combo (Before) Upper & Lower Eyeliner Combo (After) upper & lower eyeliner combo (Before) top eyeliner correction (After) Top eyeliner with wing correction. (Before) upper & lower Eyeliner Combo (After) Upper & Lower Eyeliner Combo (After) lower eyeliner (Before) Eyeliner Top (After) Top Eyeliner (Before) Eyeliner Top (After) Top Eyeliner

Eye Creativity

Eyes can be done many different ways, depending on the look you want to achieve. For some it may be a lash enhancement. This is where Mariannthy will fill and darken your lash line with beautiful pigments to brighten and enhance the eyes. This look is very popular and will make your lashes look darker, thicker, and more luscious. 

This is the perfect solution for those who have thinning eye lashes or those of you with great lashes that just want to add some colour, definition, and depth to your eyes but still keep the soft and natural appearance.  It is also ageless- Mariannthy has performed this look on fourteen year olds to seventy year olds, results have shown that this procedure can make any pair of eyes look amazing!

However, for some others a lash enhancement may not be enough and you will be better with an eyeliner. For that, Mariannthy will extend and build on your eyelash line until your desired look is achieved. Many looks can be achieved with eyeliners. You can have a very conservative look, like a smoky eye or smudge effect, or something a little more dramatic or even bold like top eyeliner with wing.

The possibilities for eye combos are endless and with the Gentle Veil technique Mariannthy can use multiple colours to produce a dimensional effect that is absolutely breathtaking!