Permanent Makeup

How Its Done

Have you ever dreamed of a safe, natural-looking alternative to expensive cosmetics that smudge and fade?

Want to look your best any time of the day or night without spending hours in front of the mirror? The perfect solution may be the “gentle veil" artistry technique of permanent makeup application, developed by micro-pigmentation specialist, Mariannthy Nicolaou.

Permanent makeup is a virtually painless technique that implants custom-colour pigments beneath the skin. Using a disposable feathering hand tool, Mariannthy creates a soft, natural look that enhances lips, eyes and eyebrows. The results can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish.

As a colour specialist, Mariannthy can personalize your application to ensure the best possible enhancement for your facial structure and complexion. Employing the gentle veil artistry technique eliminates the harsh look often achieved by traditional methods.

Permanent makeup is truly an investment that will give you returns in both time and money saved, as well as ongoing satisfaction in a new and improved look.