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Gentle Veil Technique

Gentle Veil Technique Gentle Veil Technique (single Veil technique) Before Eyebrows 30 Days after healing (eyebrows) Double Veil Technique

What is the Gentle Veil Technique and how is it different?

Mariannthy developed the Gentle Veil Technique in 2007, which is a new innovation and alternative to other methods that are more commonly used. The Gentle Veil technique features less trauma to the area, quicker healing and more definition - it is by far the platinum standard in permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips procedures. It is Mariannthy's placement and depth of pigment which makes her technique different and amazing. Being a Medical Aesthetician has helped Mariannthy in developing this technique by increasing understanding and specialization in the skin which gives her a great advantage over other artists.  

This technique is distinctly different from other methods and designs as Mariannthy Nicolaou skillfully, and with great control and precision taps tiny droplets of pigment into the skin with a hand tool. Tiny angled hair strokes are tapped into the eyebrow area following the natural growth pattern to simulate the look of eyebrow hairs. The result is dimensional and natural, instead of striking or harsh. Since there is minimal trauma to the skin, healing time is within a week and results are immediate. Make plans to go out for dinner the same day!

The traditional method of implanting colour into the skin involves a type of mechanical tattoo gun that creates bold results that are suitable for body tattoos, but not for the delicate features of the face.

The Gentle Veil design is done with the a delicate hand tool and precise angled needles to create a natural look. Personalized pigments are gently placed into the skin with the highest precision. Also, all supplies and tools are disposable, unlike machine methods, so clients know that nothing that touches their skin has ever touched anyone else.