Permanent Makeup

Artist’s Bio

Mariannthy Nicolaou is a qualified medical Aesthetician and CIDESCO International graduate. She has been in the field for over eight years and is certified to work in thirty-two different countries around the world. Mariannthy’s training has covered beauty, biology, cosmetic chemistry, bacteriology, facial symmetry and cultural characteristics, as well as the anatomy and physiology of the human body, makeup application and color theory. Mariannthy understands the science behind the healing process and chemical changes within the body, which enhances her ability to take permanent makeup to another level of excellence.

After receiving her training in 2002, Mariannthy Nicolaou went on to improve and perfect the technique that was once taught to her. Now nine years later, she has created the newest innovation in micro-pigmentation called the 'Gentle Veil' technique. Mariannthy has performed over 10,000 stunning procedures. With her artist's eye for form and colour, she has developed and perfected her own 'Gentle Veil' technique to ensure micro-pigmentation that is totally natural and customized for each client. With her medical training, she frequently receives referrals from physicians and aestheticians, and can suggest appropriate procedures for those who have difficulty applying makeup due to ill-health, aging, shortsightedness or allergies.

Mariannthy specializes in eyebrows, as well as eyeliner, super smudges, lip liner, cream full lip colour, eyelash enhancement, wetline liner, two tone eyeliners, beauty marks, color correction, scar touch-up and areola reconstruction. 

"I treat every client to the standards of how I would want an artist to work on myself. To me, that means constantly upgrading, learning and developing better techniques in micro-pigmentation to set an award-winning standard, which I live by."

During a consultation with Mariannthy, clients receive a personalized evaluation and assessment of their unique permanent makeup needs. Your expectations will be thoroughly discussed and time will be taken to ensure that all of your questions are answered fully and professionally.

The Gentle Veill Technique is a new innovation developed by Mariannthy Nicoloau in 2007. This technique shows each individual hair stroke and was created using multiple colours and specific placement of pigment droplets using caramel and brown sugar colours in layers.