Medical Aesthetics

Teeth Whitening

SpaWhite is a scientifically formulated procedure that allows you to brighten your smile by 2 - 6 shades in just 20 minutes! The procedure uses a patented foam suspension peroxide delivery system and light energy that does not promote enamel erosion, irritate the gums or increase tooth sensitivity.

Designed for natural teeth, the SpaWhite teeth whitening procedure removes stains rather than "adding" whitening. As a result, treatment cannot make the teeth whiter than the client’s natural base, which ensures the most natural shade for every patient.

What SpaWhite Teeth Whitening Can Do For You:

  • Whiten teeth
  • Remove stains, even stubborn ones caused by long-term exposure to tobacco
  • Make you look younger and more youthful overall.
  • Take the colour of your teeth back to where it was before all the coffee, red wine and nicotine took their toll.
  • Give you the self-confidence to smile!

A maximum of 2 consecutive treatments may be performed within a 24 hour period. This treatment is FDA approved. White Science's patented process is designed to be very safe and effective without causing any harm to healthy enamel. It will lighten your teeth as much as 2-6 shades in only 20 minutes. Treatments work best on natural teeth, but are also effective for lightening caps, crowns & Veneers as well.

White Science uses 5 key elements to achieve the perfect smile:

  1. Peroxide: to release stains that have built up over time
  2. Light: to accelerate the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful whitening radicals
  3. Heat: to assist in releasing powerful hydroxyl radicals
  4. Pressure: to force radicals onto the enamel of your teeth
  5. Exposure: 20 minutes of exposure is the key to brightening and maintaining your smile